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AI is here to stay. So get on board… or get left behind…


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You could rightly be accused of living under a rock if you haven’t heard the words AI, ChatGPT and Open Chat being thrown around in conversation recently. And the talk is certainly polarised. On one hand we see a crew of internet marketing folk spruiking get-rich schemes where they promise the power of AI can generate cash on autopilot… right through to the Chicken Little crowd who declare the sky is falling and any creativity enjoyed by the human race is doomed.

The truth? Well, that’s most likely placed somewhere in the middle and depends on a whole range of factors. There is one thing for certain though, and that’s the undeniable fact that AI is here to stay. So in short, if you’re not prepared to get on board and embrace AI in some capacity and form, you’re going to get left behind. And that’s not a prediction, I guarantee it.

In the world of business and marketing, AI has created a new wave of opportunity for those who are willing to invest time and resources into understanding how it can be used to their advantage. Still relatively untapped in terms of its capacity and potential; however, savvy entrepreneurs are starting to realise that if they can create ways to leverage AI’s power, they could potentially open up a whole new world of possibilities in their respective fields.

If you’re feeling daunted by the thought of taking on AI, as many are, then I suggest you take some time to learn as much as possible about it and the opportunities it places at your fingertips, as well as get an awareness of the constraints and limitations you’ll have to face. The bonus being if you can manage to bring it all together and create something that capitalises on the power of AI, well then you could be in for a great deal of success!

How AI is being used today

AI has actually been around for much longer than many people realise and is already being used in a variety of commonplace ways today. From helping people make decisions to automating mundane tasks, AI assistance is becoming more widely used and accepted in a range of industries.

In marketing, for example, AI is being harnessed in various ways to help businesses optimise their campaigns, target the right users and create personalised shopping experiences. For example, natural language processing (NLP) is currently being used by companies to understand customer queries and provide more accurate answers, while machine learning algorithms are helping brands better segment their audiences and deliver more relevant content.

The medical field is also reaping the rewards of AI, with software used to help diagnose illnesses and prescribe treatments. AI is also being used in the finance industry to aid in money management decisions, fraud prevention and cyber security measures. And let’s not forget that voice recognition technology like Siri and Alexa are powered by AI as well and have become an integral part of our daily lives. “Hey, Alexa, turn on the stairway light…”  is not uncommon to hear in many households now.

The possibilities of AI are endless, and our imagination only limits its potential for growth. For those who want to stay ahead of the game, it’s essential that you start looking into how AI can be used in your business or industry today – before you get left behind.

The increasing accessibility of AI

During early development, the wizardry of AI was once a well-kept secret and only accessible to those with the resources and expertise. But thankfully, in recent years, it’s become much more accessible and affordable for smaller businesses to use AI for business purposes which really levels the playing field for e-commerce. Now the time has come to prepare ourselves for even wider applications of AI, not only in business but in our everyday lives.

In steps Microsoft

Naturally, tech giant Microsoft was always going to claim a seat at the AI table. They were an early investor in the AI space and began their mission to make AI more accessible by providing users with cloud computing services. Now, Microsoft has announced a new initiative to incorporate OpenAI’s AI tools into its products for both businesses and end users, and it’s stepping up the company’s ongoing effort to make AI and automation even more accessible.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology will be used to power products such as Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and Office, and you can expect Microsoft to commercialise the technology into its suite of products sooner and not later. This integration of OpenAI’s tools will allow businesses and end users to take advantage of the power of AI to automate tasks and make their lives easier. This move creates no doubt that AI is not only here to stay but will, in the near future, be an integral part of our lives.

…. and Google

Google has recently released its LaMDA platform, which is designed for quickly creating conversational applications using natural language processing technology. LaMDA is based on language architectures that allow computer intelligence to better interpret lengthy text documents with respect to context and meaning, mimicking a more human-like understanding of natural language inputs and responses.

This development has huge implications for the future evolution of AI, including chatbots that can be more lifelike and interactively intelligent than ever before. I predict there will be countless possibilities for what can be done with Google’s LaMDA platform, and automated customer service bots will be just the beginning.

Overall, AI is quickly becoming an integral part of our lives, and its applications are only increasing as technology advances. With companies like Microsoft and Google making AI more accessible than ever before, likely, we will soon be living in a world where AI-powered automation is commonplace.

The future looks bright

It really is an exciting time to be in business. That’s if you’re prepared to look at these advancements with curiosity and optimism. AI is undoubtedly going to shake up a lot of industries, but with the right knowledge and preparation, businesses can adapt to these changes and take full advantage of all that AI has to offer.

The fear of human thought becoming obsolete is very real for many but ultimately misguided, as AI is still a long way from replacing the creative, intuitive thought processes of humans. Any AI output relies upon quality input, and the very human ability to think critically and innovatively is still essential for the development of truly revolutionary AI applications.

What AI can do, though, is automate repetitive tasks and free up us to focus on more meaningful work that requires our unique input and expertise – something which will be invaluable in the future and is quite exhilarating.

As AI technology continues to evolve and become more accessible, businesses should stay ahead of the curve by investing time and resources into understanding what tools are available and how they can be incorporated into their operations. The potential is huge, and I guarantee this: if you take steps to embrace AI, you’ll be reaping the rewards in no time. This new world requires you to be proactively curious about where this technology can take your business, and with the right strategies and approaches, you’ll quickly find yourself unlocking new opportunities for growth and success.

So in conclusion, it’s safe to say that AI is here to stay — and while its power could potentially be seen as a blessing by some and by others a curse, the truth is that those who are willing to invest in understanding it and how to leverage it, could very well be the ones who reap its greatest rewards. Choose to ignore it at your peril and be prepared to be left behind. The best thing to do right now is to stay informed of the latest developments in AI, so you can position yourself and your business at the forefront of this technology revolution. Because if you are willing to take on the challenge and make the right moves with AI, there’s no telling what kind of success and opportunities you can unlock.