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Carefully Considered Partnerships

Most of my clients stay with me and my team for a very long time, because of this I am only able to take on one or two new clients each quarter.

This provides us the opportunity to make sure we in close alignment with our clients and projects enabling us to deliver the biggest positive impact and rapid results.

Businesses Best Suited To Work With Me and My Team:

You need to be open minded and open to change

The world we live in is constantly changing which also means you and your business need to be nimble. If you are not able to be nimble or comfortable with change then it’s time to part ways… I am afraid it’s not you it’s me.

You and your business need to be making a positive impact on the world

We only work with people who are helping make the world a better place and not trying to scam people or provide dodgy products or services.

There are four core areas the team and I consider.

For the perfect fit ideally, you will have an existing database of customers, strong social media presence, a constant flow of leads and been operating for 3 or more years.

Along with this you must operate within 2 of the 4 categories:

  1. Real Business – If you are a real business and been trading for 3+ years with a good client base then I can help you achieve rapid growth.
  2. Teaching and Helping Others – I will currently consider all education-based projects providing its teaching in a one to many situations.
  3. Holistic Approach – With founding one of the largest holistic colleges we are always looking for new opportunity’s and partners worldwide in this space.
  4. Be Unique – Your business has something unique about it and you know what it is.

Be Accountable as a Business Owner

I know how challenging it can be finding the time to work on your business, however when we create a personal growth strategy and blueprint for your business, we will need information from you on time.

If you are constantly not meeting your own timelines, then theirs a high chance you will not be able to meet the ones we set together in the growth plan.



01. You will have less confusion and overwhelm, more focused time in your business and a clear plan on growth

02. You will have weekly check-ins via email and telephone calls, regular reports on progress and monthly recorded video conference calls to ensure everyone is on the same page. This makes sure communication is high and promotes productivity.

03. You will get rapid responses from me and the team. Every request will be responded to within at least 24 hours of business working hours, this ensures you are never held up.

04. You are not locked into any contracts ever! I do recommend different project success time frames; however you can leave any time.

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