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5 Day Course-Boost Ecommerce Sales and Engagement

Unlock ecommerce success with our FREE 5-day course. Learn to boost sales & engagement using Behavioural Science, Neuromarketing & more.

Colin Cooper Books

The Little Big Book On Business Success

…your own personal roadmap to riches and sustainable wealth!

The next in the series in my business growth books. Taking the right steps early on to make your wealth sustainable!

Find out what you need to make sure your online business can reach it’s full potential, and maintain the success.

This is your GPS to Sustainable Wealth and Business Abundance!

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The Ultimate Guide For Surviving Your First Year In Business

…Free Insider Secrets To Survive and Thrive in The First 12 Months

Shock and amaze your family, friends and competitors as you not only make it through your first year, but smash it out of the ball park!

With these insider strategies achieve more in your first year than most do in 3 years.

Not only survive, but increase your leads, sales and net profits.

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The Art Of Negotiation In Small Business

…Boost Profits And Maximise Your Returns

No more “squabbling with someone over the price of something.”

Discover collaborative tactics that put you in the power seat of negotiation.

Collaborative negotiations can apply to just about any industry, product or service…if you’re in business, you need this book.

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