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But, Lord! How sad a sight it is to see the streets empty of people… 16 August 1665 – SAMUEL PEPYS


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Yes, we have been here before, more than once actually.

I think Samuel Pepys depiction of London streets during the Great Plague resonates with many around the world today.

The world we live in now is very different to one we are used to, your business strategies need to be changed too!

Zoom Calls, Slack Conversations, Teams and many more apps have assisted in how we communicate and allow massive commerce growth in certain areas.

This has accelerated a trend we have been witnessing over the last 10 years, New Technology Advancements and ways to speak with each other.

Before, having a virtual call was secondary to meeting in person, in sales many frowned upon it.

But now Zoom calls are the new standard with full video and audio, allowing you to conduct business with anyone, anywhere at any time.

In December 2019 Zoom only had 10 million users, in December 2020 they had over 300 Million and growing fast!

New Mindsets lead to new priorities.

An example of this is Gen Y. In 2020 they enjoyed baking, cooking, doing DIY home improvements and gardening. But these are not just trends that will go away.

Cooking witnessed a 7% change between Q1 2020 and Q2 2020 amongst many other changes.

Fewer people were interested in Eating Out, Live Events, Museums or going to the Theatre.

What does all this mean for you as a business owner?

Understanding these changes in your customers allows you to speak the new marketing language. These are profound behavioural shifts with more people having a desire to wind down, put the breaks on and live a slower-paced life.

You have a unique opportunity to tap into these new behavioural shifts and reposition your offers.

Through 2021 we will experience a large shift towards mental health as we have a new Crisis which is forming fast.

By understanding these changes and keeping abreast of them will put you in the driver’s seat of your future.

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