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Drinking and Business – Do They Really Mix? A sober way to support cancer research


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It’s funny when you run your own business and the stresses you are under each day, its 6 am and the phone rings, 7 am emails, 8 am meetings, phone calls, more meetings, sales calls, events. The list goes on.


It’s 7 pm at night and after a crazy day it’s all too easy to have a beer or wine or something stronger to justify what a crazy day it has been – you know the saying, I just need to unwind.

And sometimes… one leads to two… and two can lead to three… and so on.

Now I am not saying that drinking is bad or anything, however, I wanted to share the facts of how it can affect business and why I am personally doing Dry July.

What is Dry July

Dry July is an opportunity for me to put aside all alcohol, and raise money to combat children’s cancer.

Aside from the obvious benefits of raising these funds, there’s good science in putting aside the alcohol too…

The science

Science shows how it affects the mind and body, and don’t even get me started on what it does to your mitochondria.

And as entrepreneurs that can be a major.

Let’s face it – 40 hours are part-time for us but luckily the hours we work do not seem like work because we love it! However, abusing our mind and body for a short time is too easily justified (“Tough day, I deserve this drink” kind of thing),


And this is a really BIG but… and where it gets really interesting.

Let’s take a quick look at some stats about what alcohol can do:

• Disrupts normal brain development
• Liver damage and cirrhosis of the liver
• Brain cells die, decreasing brain mass
• Stomach and intestinal ulcers and destroyed organs
• Blood pressure increases, risking heart disease, heart attack, or stroke
• Male sperm production decreases

The sobering impact

Bottom line is, when you drink too much you create your own rollercoaster of choices that affect your business decisions. I have personally witnessed the horrible ride that has cost millions of dollars to bottoms lines because of bad decisions made when tired and “ flat” from a few too many and then on edge from 7 cups of coffee the next day.

I am writing this not to convince you alcohol or coffee is bad, quite the opposite.

I believe everything in moderation is healthy. After all, we are on this planet to have holistic experiences. I love coffee, red wine, and dark chocolate.

That said, I am going Dry for July because this touches my heart personally.

A long-term friend and colleague of mine lost a child a few years back to leukemia. I saw the effects it had on the family, people close to them and me personally. It truly was life-changing.

I believe in today’s world we ALL have the ability to make a change and stand up for something beyond us which is why I am setting a target of raising over $20,000 for child’s cancer research.

I’d like to invite you to help me help sick kids.

Contribute and help me get to this goal… which you can do by going to

A bonus THANK YOU GIFT when you say “YES”

Like many of us in business, I believe we need to constantly challenge ourselves to grow… this was the thinking behind the training institute I created a few years back,

In recognition of your investment in supporting this campaign, I’d like to give you something about your progress.

When you make a donation I would like to invest in your business as a thankyou. I’ll gift you fully funded access to my training materials, to further the growth of your business.

That’s right, no cost to you, no catch… just an investment in appreciation for partnering with me and full access to the training materials on my site. Check out all the goodies available to you at

How to contribute

You just need to donate using my link and PM me your details and I’ll shoot you through your FREE access to Think Results!.

Even if you donate $1, it all helps. Just help spread the word and be part of a great cause. Let’s all make this world a better place!