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From Unknown to Expert – Becoming an Industry Influencer Quickly


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We have all worked at some company and seen it happen. A new hire comes on board and immediately skyrockets to stardom. That person lands promotion after promotion, rising through the corporate ranks effortlessly.

We look at those types of individuals and think, “Why isn’t that me? What does she know that I don’t know?”

In the field of industry influence, the good news is, you can be that person. All you have to do are the things most other people in your industry fail to do.

If the vast majority of people are unsuccessful, unhappy, unfulfilled, and would rather follow than lead, don’t do the things they are doing. As far as developing industry influence goes, this means taking specific actions that other people in your field are not.

Industry influence can come quickly when you put into practice the following strategies and tips.

1. Solve Problems – People respect problem solvers. When your cellar is flooded, the plumber is the greatest man in the world. Solve some big, serious problems your prospects are having and you immediately become an industry influence in their eyes.

2. Befriend Other Leaders – In the United States, people love taking pictures with the President. This is because the President is one of the most important people in the nation. When someone is seen shaking hands with the President, smiles all around, that lends an immediate sense of importance to that individual, regardless of who that person is. You can do the same by forming relationships with important industry influencers. You will immediately be seen as an influence yourself because of these relationships.

3. Publish, Publish, Publish – You should never publish anything but quality content. But you definitely need to be getting your message out there consistently. Online and off, the more content you publish, the more places your name can be found, and the quicker you are viewed as a market influence.

4. Host a Conference or Seminar – Nearly everyone in any industry has never held a conference or expo. They just run their business, do a little marketing and advertising, and pray for the best. When you organize and host a conference or expo for your industry, you are instantly viewed as an important market force.

5. Act the Part – Fake it until you make it. Act and dress the part of an influential market leader. Speak the lingo. To be an important industry influence, you first need to be perceived as such, even if you aren’t quite there yet.

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