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Is Facebook Your Drug Dealer?


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Disclaimer: This post is purely informational. I am not against social media at all. I believe it’s connected the world, given opportunity to many and done a lot of good to bring certain issues to light and understanding worldwide. I believe Social Media should be part of our lives.

BUT – are you addicted. Is it ruling your life without you knowing?

The answer for over 90% of the population is yes. But, how addicted are you?

Some interesting insights of how long we spend a day on social media platforms by age:
16 – 24 – 3 Hours and 1 Minute
25 – 34 – 2 Hours and 37 Minutes
35 – 44 – 2 Hours and 4 Minutes
45 – 54 – 1 Hour and 39 Minutes
55 – 64 – 1 Hour and 13 Minutes

And that’s if you are not hooked! So maybe you are just a party brownie kind? But some recent research reports are showing these averages to double in some areas! DOUBLE.

Several recent studies have shown that people who are passively consuming information on Facebook felt 9% worse at the end of the day. And we are not just talking emotionally worse here.

Over a long period of time this has damaging results to your overall well-being. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

So, why is it that are we SO hooked and even addicted to Facebook and other platforms?

Well simply put we have a hormone, that is basically a drug, in our brain called “Dopamine”.

It is released in the same reward pathway that is stimulated when we eat nice foods, make money, have sex and even use cocaine.

This means, it makes us feel good! We get kicks when Dopamine is released, and we want more of it.
Not only is Dopamine released but other hormones like “oxytocin” (aka the love hormone) are released when we read or see sad posts.
Who hasn’t watched a video post about a homeless guy taking back is new sleeping bag to give the refunded money to a man ‘on the phone’ talking about his daughter’s medical care he can’t afford?
Or the lonely puppy that has been abandoned. You want to watch more of these videos, right?

To top this off, at times of feeling stressed you want to feel supported and loved because your brain is releasing “cortisol” the stress hormone.

Social media is designed to fool us that we are part of a community and people around us do actually care. Fulfilling the need to be part of something as humans.

Why does this matter? Well for the 1000’s of years prior to the modern world our brains job was to keep us safe, which It’s done very well, hence our existence today.

And this is why we have these hormone releases. But, they can be manipulated.

You see, your brain does not know the difference between pictures and people. Reality and fantasy!
The same way as watching movies or real life cannot be differentiated.

The brain takes in the messages the same way and processes them the same way. So, it can’t tell the difference.

This has a direct result on your conscious and sub-conscious actions. Which, shape your reality.
Facebook nailed the human behaviour and social aspect to our lives, so you can be played like an instrument!

Facebook Likes, comments on posts, shares and other interactions makes us feel wanted, accepted, loved…. anything but lonely. And this releases the feel-good chemicals into our brain.

However, this is very BAD in the long run.

This up and down stimulation on a second by second basis as you scroll through your newsfeeds has a direct impact on your mental and physical health.

When you post onto social media platforms most only ever post their best photos, or best stories. What we see is not reality.

So, although you are getting short releases of feel good chemicals, this can quickly change and release emotions of envy or incompetence.

In fact, social media platforms designed their success around this, knowing your brain would react this way.

This is why we have seen so many “experts” that have popped up out of the woodwork in every industry saying they live the perfect life.

We see reports daily of people posting results of business campaigns, commission cheques, or standing next to their Lamborghini promoting the perfect life. But are they living the life they are portraying?

The answer is usually no. On taking a closer look they have used photoshop to edit the pictures or worse yet taken them from someone else…it’s crazy, but people actually believe it, feel envious, want it and then hand over cash to get it.

You’ve seen it. The random coach that has no business history but has a Lambo and a Gucci belt and now you want it to. Because if he/she can have it….so can you!

So you take what they say as gospel, and you pay them to help you get a Lambo and a Gucci belt.

Facebook are actively making positive changes to have the platform perform less intrusively onto how our brains function and is working towards changing the envy pattern.

For example, hiding likes and reactions on posts both for Instagram and Facebook is currently being tested and implemented in some parts of the world.

These are all steps in the right direction. However, we as humans need to take a step as well. We need to take responsibility for ourselves.

Be proactive and go from being a passive Facebook user, an addict, spending hours a day scrolling mindlessly, and effecting your health as a result.

Become an active user on Facebook with limited invested and meaningful time. Do this by setting a timer of 15 minutes and do what ever you need to do within that time.

I can hear you saying its not that easy my business is online…so is mine and nearly all my clients.

It is that easy. And it is that necessary. But, it is your choice to make.

I have made it easier for you:

Here are simple tips:
• Pre-make and schedule your content
• Check in on your Facebook ads twice per day or setup alerts on key changes that are happening
• If you are running a group be active at key points of the day and don’t scroll on your newsfeeds for days.
• Keep a timer on your usage, each time you jump onto social media start the timer and when you finish stop the timer.

These are just some of the ways you can fight your Facebook addiction and take back your health.
If you need help with actively spending more controlled time on Social Media, you can use The Content Vault.

This is a hub for you to find all the content you could possibly need as a business on Social Media. Just pick the posts, download them and schedule them.

Now, we know you are going to say ‘But, cookie cutter shit doesn’t work’ – Well, with all the changes that are being made. You are wrong!

Automate your stuff, post premade content, take advantage of what I am giving you and get some of your time back.

This was a paid membership. And has helped hundreds of people to cut down their Social Media hours.
However, after seeing more and more of the envy posts popping up, and Facebooks effort to be a better place for our health – We are jumping onto the bandwagon.

We want to help people spend less time on social media, improve health and feel happier. So, we are giving it away for free for life.

Quick Snap Shot of what you get:

• Done For -You Social Media Posts
• Done For-You Social Media Covers and Icons
• Status Templates
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If you would like more information, advice or would like to share your story about social media controlling your life…..please get in contact!